Fall 09 Schedule
Date Topic Reading Lab Net Net Ldr
Aug 26 Course Introduction None All About Data random
Sep 02 Why Data Matters book chapter one (pgs 11 to 31) Data on the Internet Samuel
Sep 09 Why Data Matters (continued) article (6 pg pdf) and article (webpage) and article (webpage) Modeling Data Becca & Sean
Sep 16 Decision-Making & Analytics article (10 pg pdf) Analytics Hands-On Alex & Josh
Sep 23 Relational Revisited book chapter 1 (first 9 pages) and chapter 2 (skim pages 16 to 29) SQL Lab Michael & Timur
Sep 30 Relational Revisited (continued) article (first 6 pages) and book (pages 36 to 38) Query Optimization Drew & Brittany
Oct 07 Under the Covers: How Data is Stored blog post and related podcast (20mins) and article (5 pgs) and book (pgs 465 to 473) Data Storage Aaron L & Christine
Oct 14 Under the Covers: Database Architectures article (webpage) and article (webpage) and article (webpage) and article (webpage) API Cloud Project Brad & Allan
Oct 21 Under the Covers: Database Architectures (continued) article (pgs 1 to 9) API Cloud Project (continued) Patricia & Jeremy
Oct 28 Why BIG Data Matters thru Column DB (first 13 pgs) and video (3:34) N Tier DB Project Addison & Vivian
Nov 04 Why BIG Data Matters (continued) No Reading — Whole Class is Lab N Tier DB Project (continued) None
Nov 11 BIG Data at Work blog post and blog post and article (webpage) and webpage Hadoop & MapReduce Project Tracey & Aaron H
Nov 18 Specialized Databases (XML, Stream/Real Time, Analytic) article (webpage) and webpage (thru 5.2) and blog post (webpage) Hadoop & MapReduce Project (continued) Molly & Evan
Dec 02 Uh oh, I misplaced my data website and article (webpage) and related video (2:24) Data Security & Ownership Matt
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